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Tag: arthritis

Feline Arthritis

Posted 01.03.17 by Karen Gant, DVM

Most people recognize arthritis in dogs. But what about your cat?  Degenerative joint disease (DJD) is a very common but under-diagnosed condition in cats.   Frequency among age groups was EQUAL from cats as early as 6 months to 16 years!  Signs worsen with age. Feline DJD is difficult to detect because of the cat’s ability to hide pain as a...Read More

Arthritis and Your Pet- Mid South Pet Health

Posted 11.19.12 by Katie Wooden, DVM

This sweet boy is a 12 year old Rottweiler mix named Snickers. Like most bigger dogs his age, he suffers from chronic arthritis pain.  Snickers’s owners began to notice that he was very slow to sit down or stand up.  He also seemed very stiff and occasionally had trouble walking on slick floors.  Snickers did not cry or whine, but...Read More

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