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Looking for a Memphis doggie daycare so you know your pooch is in good hands while you’re at work, at school or just out of the house for a while? If your pet needs some supervised social time and extra exercise, look no further than The Pet Hospitals. We offer Doggie Daycare services at 4 of our locations for only $22.40/day.

Doggie Daycare Services

Daycare that’s safe and fun.

Our safe, secure and caring environment is a great place for your pet to spend time with friendly people and have some fun while you’re at work or out running errands. With appealing and safe play areas that offer plenty of room to run, our premier greater Memphis dog day care locations are a great place for your pet to get some supervised play time and exercise while you do whatever you need to do.

Our Collierville, Downtown, Lakeland, and Midtown Memphis locations offering Doggie Daycare help your dog acclimate to new situations, pets, and people. Our Doggie Daycare amenities are a great value at $22.40/day and include:

  • A safe, climate controlled environment that is protected by a 24-hour fire, smoke, and heat monitoring service and sprinkler system
  • Secure, turfed, outdoor play space
  • Indoor dog runs
  • The security of a doctor on premises while your pup plays

All-in-one convenience

Is it time for a checkup or a haircut? Our Memphis doggie day care centers offer a convenient way to take care of that when your dog is already coming to us for daycare. You can also schedule a wellness exam or grooming services while your pet is at The Pet Hospitals for Doggie Daycare. Appointments for daycare, grooming, and wellness exams can be scheduled by phone or through the Chat Now feature on our website.

While your pet does not need to be a veterinary client at The Pet Hospitals to join in on the fun of our dog daycare services, we do require that they are up to date on all of their vaccinations. We also ask that you sign a release allowing your dog to play with other dogs during supervised playtime.

Does Doggie Daycare Help With Anxiety?

Daycare benefits dogs that suffer from anxiety by establishing a routine, fostering social skills, and giving your furry friend an opportunity to exercise. Our pampered pups benefit from a structured schedule much as human babies do and experience security in routine and familiarity.

Taking your dog to a dog daycare regularly helps them stick to a schedule and lessen separation anxiety as well as enhance your dog’s social abilities. Additionally, regular exercise can lower stress levels in your pet and improve their overall health.

When you first bring your pup to our Downtown Memphis, Midtown Memphis, Lakeland, or Collierville doggie daycare, our friendly team conducts a temperament test to identify which playgroup is ideal for your dog so they can get the most benefit from playtime.

How Do You Know if Your Dog Likes Daycare?

Once your dog has settled into a regular daycare routine, you may start to see indicators of how well they enjoy the experience. Your pup may perk up when you mention doggie daycare or seem excited when it’s time to go. They may seem happy to see daycare staff. If your dog has enjoyed their time at daycare they should be quite tired but also calm and relaxed at the end of the day.


For everyone’s safety, all Doggie Daycare participants are required to be fully up to date on their Distemper, Parvo, Rabies, Bordetella, and H3N2/H3N8 (dog flu) vaccinations. In addition they must have a current flea/heartworm preventative, and negative fecal test in the past year. If you would like for your pet to participate in the group play sessions, they must also be spayed or neutered if they are over one year of age.

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Newfoundland Doggie Daycare
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The staff is absolutely just as caring and kind as the doctors. They are the BEST!

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