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We want to make it easy and affordable for your pets to receive the care they need. Healthy pets and happy wallets are a win-win for everyone.

Special Offers

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  • + - New Clients - Free Exam

    All new clients can receive the first exam on any pets we see, Monday through Friday, at the initial first visit for free or receive $49.50 off our already low-priced annual exam! We do this so you can meet us, check out our facilities, and see if we’re the right fit for you and your pet without any initial financial commitment. If used with a New Puppy or Kitten Visit Monday through Friday, then a $25 discount will be applied to one visit. Heartworm, flea, and tick prevention will be an added cost. As an added service, you may drop your pet off with us for their annual visit and we’ll take care of them until it’s convenient for you to come by and pick them up!

    Please mention that you saw this offer on our website to redeem. Not valid on Saturdays or Sundays.

  • + - Free Home Delivery of Food (And Help Pets In Need!)

    Do you want always free shipping, pet food at a discounted rate that’s less than other online pharmacies, and additional monthly discounts? Do you also want to help pets in need while feeding your own? Our Giving Through Feeding program has partnered with Purina ProPlan Vet Direct to offer all of the above for highly recommended maintenance diets as well as prescription pet diets! A percentage of each purchase will be donated to our Good Samaritan Program that helps lost and forgotten pets who deserve a second chance at life and a loving home. Visit our Giving Through Feeding page for more information!

    Open to clients and non-clients alike.

  • + - Free Second Opinion Consultation

    Our doctors are happy to review your pet’s diagnosis and treatment protocol to provide a second opinion regarding their condition. Our team of expert doctors will collaboratively review your pet’s case based on an examination in our office and their existing records and test results. We simply ask that you bring your pet’s x-rays, records, and test results with you to the appointment.

    This offer is for new clients only. Please mention that you saw this offer on our website to redeem.

  • + - Low Cost Heartworm Treatment

    Heartworm infection is a serious and common infection in dogs in the Memphis area, and we want to make sure cost isn’t a barrier to your pet receiving the care it needs. Because of this, we offer low-cost heartworm treatment for pets that are diagnosed with heartworm infection. Providing treatment for pets diagnosed with heartworms is our top priority therefore, all of our locations are low cost heartworm treatment centers. Call or use the Chat Now feature for more information.

  • + - Free Exam and Vaccines for Shelter and Rescue Pets

    When you adopt a puppy, kitten, adult dog, or adult cat from a rescue group or shelter, within 30 days of adoption The Pet Hospitals will provide:

    • Any necessary booster vaccines for adult pets at the time of its initial exam
    • A complete vaccine series for puppies or kittens at no charge
    • Physical examination
    • Nutritional and behavioral counseling
    • Subsequent required office visits for vaccines with puppies and kittens.

    You must bring adoption paperwork at first visit to redeem.

  • + - Puppy & Kitten Discount Vaccines

    Bringing a puppy or kitten home is fun, and your new family member is adorable. But new pets require planning and care, so we’re here to help. As part of our Puppy & Kitten programs for just $44.28 each visit, we will cover necessary well-exams with vaccinations (Distemper, Parvo, Lepto and Bordetella for puppies and Feline Distemper and Feline Leukemia for kittens), including Rabies, intestinal parasite checks, and routine deworming, until the Puppy/Kitten series is completed. Even the youngest pets can carry diseases and parasites, so we want to keep your new friend safe and healthy at an affordable price.

    For additional support, we also offer a free 30-day pet health insurance trial. Obtaining pet insurance ensures that you can properly care for your pet when the unexpected happens.

    We recommend that you book your first appointment with us as soon as your new puppy or kitten comes home so we can ensure that you have a healthy, happy new family member.

  • + - Low Cost Spay & Neuter Services

    Spaying and neutering your pet is important for their health and general well-being. It also reduces animal overpopulation. That’s why we offer spay and neuter services at an affordable price at all of our locations. You shouldn’t have to compromise your pet’s safety and care. No need to mention that you saw this offer on our website to redeem!

    How Our Spay & Neuter Services Differ

    • We use an IV catheter to provide IV fluids throughout surgery and recovery. This means that we can act immediately to correct low heart rate or blood pressure if needed, and maintain hydration throughout the surgery.
    • We use veterinary anesthesia on your pet, which is as safe as the anesthesia used in human medicine. We take anesthesia very seriously and use extremely modern equipment, drugs, and gasses. Each patient is monitored by a Veterinary Assistant throughout the process – both manually and with monitoring equipment from start to finish.
    • We are not a high-volume spay and neuter practice. This allows us to thoroughly care for each pet without rushing. Speed will not be prioritized over quality.
    • We practice comprehensive pain control. Preventing pain is just as important as treating it. We are dedicated to preventing pain and any unnecessary suffering for our patients.
    • Aftercare is important, so we’re here to help if your pet has any issues post-surgery
    • We offer spay and neuter services at an affordable price. You shouldn’t have to compromise your pet’s safety and care.
  • + - Discount Pet Medications

    We are able to offer your pet’s medications at prices the same or lower than those of major online pharmacies. Online medications could be gray market products so we will always price match your pet’s medications to ensure their safety. Additionally, we often have manufacturer rebate coupons available only through veterinary hospitals to further lower your cost.

    Call or use the Chat Now button to see what we are currently offering and how we can best help treat your pet. We want your pet to receive the medication it needs and will work with you to find an affordable treatment plan.

  • + - $10 Nail Trims

    If your pet is in need of a quick nail trim, bring them by anytime and we’ll get it taken care of for $10! We ask that you please bring a copy of your pet’s current vaccinations to this visit for your pet and our staff’s safety.

"The regimen they recommended has allowed her to run, play, and enjoy her golden years.”

Lisa Myers, M.D. Annie, pharmacy program patient

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