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We have extensively researched pet insurance plans and can recommend several with a variety of deductibles to meet your budget. Most will also reimburse you for 80-90% of eligible expenses after your deductible has been met.

Things to know

We recommend taking the following into consideration when choosing the right pet insurance plan:

  • Pet insurance is considered indemnity insurance, much like car insurance, and helps cover your pet’s needs when the unexpected occurs.
  • No pet insurance company will cover pre-existing conditions, so it makes sense to start a policy for your pet at an early age.
  • Some pet insurance companies will cancel your policy if your pet develops a chronic condition, so be sure to ask first.
  • Many pet insurance companies will not cover hereditary diseases, so be sure to ask first.
  • There are plans that only cover accidents and illnesses, but you can also purchase plans that will cover preventative care.

Our pet insurance recommendations include the following:

For more information about pet insurance, regulations, and insurance companies participating in the North American Pet Health Insurance Association, visit their website here:

They work with your schedule and will go out of their way to accommodate you and your pet!


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