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Pneumonia in Cats: Symptoms & More

Posted 03.11.22 by Alison Bradshaw, DVM

Oxygen deficiency in the blood and breathing problems are the common symptoms of pneumonia in cats. This oxygen deficiency weakens the body’s immune system. Inflammation of the lungs, which can occur for various reasons, is known as pneumonia. However, it may be difficult to notice pneumonia in cats since many illnesses in cats are associated with the respiratory system.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Pneumonia in Cats?

When inflammation of the lungs takes place, breathing disorders can occur. This difficulty in breathing, in turn, causes a limited oxygen supply in the blood. We compiled a list of the following signs and symptoms of pneumonia:

  • Noisy breathing and wheezing sound during breathing
  • Bluish lips, resulting from the deficiency of oxygen in the blood
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Fever
  • Weight loss caused by lack of appetite
  • Nasal discharge appearing greenish or yellowish
  • Signs of untidy appearance
  • Coughing

Aspiration pneumonia causes symptoms such as difficulty swallowing food, increased heart rate, and sometimes vomiting. On the other hand, fungal infection mostly causes eye and skin problems, for instance, running eyes and dire skin conditions.

Is Pneumonia in Cats Contagious?

Close contact between your cat and other cats or dogs can lead to the passing over of the infection. To prevent this, infected cats need to be kept separately from the other healthy cats and dogs. In addition, ensure your sick cat is comfortable by providing warm sleeping conditions, clean water, and some food.

To curb and control the infection, it is advisable to do frequent cleaning around the pets’ areas to avoid further contamination. In addition, we advise you to wash your hands with running water and soap for more safety measures.

Causes of Pneumonia in Cats

All cats stand a chance of contracting pneumonia and we see it in young cats, older cats, and those with health conditions because they have the weakest immune system. We found that cats contract pneumonia in the following ways:

  • Infectious pneumonia: This is the most common type of pneumonia. It’s the result of a bacterial infection in the lungs and waterways.
  • Aspiration pneumonia: The respiratory system is sensitive, and irritations can be caused by simply introducing a foreign body during breathing. Aspiration pneumonia also occurs when a cat throws up and inhales some of the vomit.
  • Fungal pneumonia: This is caused by fungus found in soil or bird droppings that are then breathed into the cat’s body through the nose or mouth.

Ways to Prevent Feline Pneumonia

Asthma in cats, like in humans, is a chronic inflammation of the lung’s small passageways. It is incurable, but treatable. If you administer the proper care and medication, you will see cats with this condition change the narrative and recover quite quickly.

Asthma in cats can worsen their pneumonia. Asthma can be caused by irritation from foreign materials such as pollen, tobacco smoke, and cat litter. Precautions to take to ensure your cats do not get inflamed lungs include:

  • Avoid smoking around your pet
  • Don’t use sprays because sprays worsen their condition.
  • Cat obesity is also a factor; hence it’s important to keep your cat in shape
  • Ensure your cat remains as relaxed as possible as this condition is also caused and worsened by stress.

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