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Tag: exotic pets

Snake Bites & Your Pet- Mid South Pet Health

Posted 06.25.14 by Kim Swift

Snakes are very common in North America, and the most scary aspect of this are the ones who are considered venomous. There were over 8,000 snake bite reports in people in the U.S. last year, 12 of which were reported as fatal. Sadly there is no statistical information for the number of bites in dogs or cats, but we know...Read More

Exotic Pets | Dr. Munn | Memphis Area Pet Health

Posted 05.09.13 by Katie Wooden, DVM

Dr. Christina Munn grew up in Asheville, NC and always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. She began shadowing her vet in middle school, and when she was 14, her family adopted a pregnant cat. “When the kittens were born, they were really sick. They all had severe ringworm and viral infections. One of them almost died. I enjoyed nursing them...Read More

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