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Exotic Pets | Dr. Munn | Memphis Area Pet Health

Posted 05.09.13 by Katie Wooden, DVM

Dr. Christina Munn grew up in Asheville, NC and always dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. She began shadowing her vet in middle school, and when she was 14, her family adopted a pregnant cat. “When the kittens were born, they were really sick. They all had severe ringworm and viral infections. One of them almost died. I enjoyed nursing them back to health so much that after that I knew I had to become a vet.”

Dr. Munn

Dr. Munn graduated from North Carolina State University in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and a minor in Zoology. She especially enjoys internal medicine and exotic animal medicine and worked with a tiger rescue service during veterinary school.

During Dr. Munn’s undergraduate years at North Carolina State University, she was president of Companion Animal Club.  She learned a lot from nearby organizations like a ferret rescue, a rabbit rescue, a pot bellied pig rescue and many others.  Through that organization, she was privileged to volunteer with CPT – Carnivore Preservation Trust – where she could work with tigers, lions, binturongs, leopards, and many other carnivores.  She also volunteered at the Western North Carolina Nature Center where she worked in the predator habitat.  She helped take care of black bears, cougars, bobcats, red and grey wolves.


Dr. Munn with one of our newest patients, Ludwig, the bearded dragon.

Dr. Munn continued following her interest in exotic animals in veterinary school at the University of Illinois and in 2011 completed her doctorate of veterinary medicine degree.

She was the secretary of the Non Traditional Species club.  She helped to manage their salt water and fresh water fish tanks. She was allowed to work on cases from the Indiana tiger rescue with the anesthesia, surgery, ophthalmology and dentistry departments.

It is safe to say, Dr. Munn really enjoys her time with exotic pets!

Dr. Munn lives with her husband Ben. They have 2 tabby cats, Frasier and Emma, who love to get into trouble! She and her husband Ben enjoy being outdoors. They both love hiking, camping, and playing tennis. She also enjoys singing and playing the piano in her free time.

She hopes to see your pet at The Pet Hospitals-Lakeland soon, and please don’t hesitate to call her anytime with questions about your own exotic pets.


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