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Tag: death

Let’s dig into heartworms!

Posted 10.21.15 by Emily Lindsey

What are heartworms? Simply put, heartworms are THE ENEMY! Heartworms are nematode worms that live in an animal’s circulatory system and can cause serious illness and even death. This disease is primarily a canine issue, but cats can also be affected. House pets are not the only carriers, either. Wolves, coyotes, and foxes can also carry this disease and serve...Read More

Euthanasia Explained- Memphis Pet Health and Wellness

Posted 08.19.15 by Katie Morrill, DVM

End of life decisions for your pet are never easy. While some clients know with certainty when it is time to say goodbye to a beloved dog or cat, others struggle greatly with this decision. People often look to their veterinarian for input on making this determination. My personal stance for most cases is that owners know their pet best....Read More

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