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How To Keep Puppy Nails Trimmed

Posted 08.13.15 by Emily Lindsey

When you get a puppy, it seems you begin to get small scratches all over, too. Scratches from puppy nails are painful! Puppies are clumsy little critters who are just getting used to their bodies as they continue to grow and mature.

To keep from getting scratched on accident, it is a good idea to keep their nails trimmed.

For help trimming nails at home, check out our video!

An extra plus: starting to keep their nails trimmed from a young age will get them used to the idea and they will not even mind it as they grow up!

clip puppy nails

Don’t forget puppy vaccines! A quick trip to the vet and you will have all the knowledge you need to help your new pup lead a happy, healthy life.

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