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You can help save a pet just by feeding your furry friend. We have partnered with Purina Vet Direct to provide pet food that is delivered straight to your door. For every order that is placed, we give back to our Good Samaritan Program.

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Save Time, Save Money and Help Homeless Animals

Buying pet food online is a great way to save time and get the best deal on the Purina products your pets depend on. Let’s face it: No matter how well-stocked your local pet store is, you just can’t beat the convenience or the product variation that online shopping offers. Here are things you should know about buying pet food online through our Giving through Feeding program:

Giving through Feeding with Purina Vet Direct

If your pet needs prescription food or even if your pet eats regular food, consider taking advantage of the Purina Vet Direct program. When you order pet food online through this program, you’ll receive automatic shipments of foods, such as Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets, other formulas prescribed by veterinary clinics or even one of Purina’s regular food product lines. When you order, a portion is used to help fund The Pet Hospital’s Giving Through Feeding program to help animals who can’t help themselves.

Why Should You Donate to Animal Charities?

Through our partnership with Purina Vet Direct, we’re committed to making donating easier. Every time you order through our Purina Pro Plan Vet Direct program, a portion of the profits go to animals in need.

What Other Steps Could You Take to Help Animals?

Along with your generous donation in partnership with Purina, you can take other steps to help animals. First, consider adopting a pet from a shelter, and think about choosing one of the many senior animals who still have so much love to give. If you can’t adopt a pet permanently at the moment, you may be able to foster animals. When you foster, you give a pet a temporary home. You may nurse the animal through an illness or socialize the pet to prepare it to thrive in a forever home.
Shelters always need volunteers, too. You might be able to set aside some time to regularly clean cages, feed animals, walk dogs or snuggle cats. You can also apply your professional skills to the shelter’s business side, perhaps maintaining a website or offering accounting services.

Shelters always need supplies as well. You can contribute everything from beds and toys to cleaning products. With your help, shelter animals can remain safe and comfortable until they find their families.

Purina Vet Direct

Does your pet need a little extra nutrition care? You can now order prescription and regular non-prescription food that will be delivered to your home every month. From exclusive offers to free shipping, you’ll save more than just time when you shop with us!

Get Great Deals on Your Purchases

When you start shopping through our online store, you’ll save money right away with a discount on your first purchase as well as on your first autoship order. There are also monthly coupons and promo codes to help you save more on an ongoing basis. In addition, all orders qualify for free standard shipping.

Participate in the Giving Through Feeding Program

The Giving Through Feeding program helps provide financial aid to senior, injured, and companion animals that are in need of shelter and other basic needs, because a percentage from each sale goes towards our Good Samaritan Program. The Good Samaritan program that funds the treatment and recovery of injured homeless animals.

When you buy a product through our online portal and the order ships, a percentage of the proceeds go to programs that benefit animals in need. Even better, your money goes even further because Purina has pledged up to $2,500 in matching contributions to the Good Samaritan program this year.

Aside from donations, people can also help through volunteering to be a foster home for pets awaiting adoption or outright adopting a pet that the program has helped. But you don’t have to live in the Memphis area to order through our online store and benefit animals in need! Both our animal hospital clients and also those living outside of TN can participate in the Giving through Feeding program.

Buy High Quality Pet Food Online

Get your Purina ProPlan diets at discounted prices by using a monthly coupon and promotional code to bring the total cost down at checkout. Both Purina prescription and non-prescription/maintenance diets can help give your beloved companion the nutrition he/she needs at a fraction of the cost of store-bought pet food brands. It’s a great way to get high quality pet food at prices that are lower than other online pharmacies.

Giving Through Feeding

For every order that is placed through our online store, we will give back to our Good Samaritan Program which helps provide support and rehabilitation to sick and injured animals with no home. Let’s give these pets hope by feeding our own!

Purina will also match up to $2,500 to the Good Samaritan Program this year.

The Good Samaritan Program
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