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Do Dogs Dream?

Posted 11.11.15 by Emily Lindsey

Many dog owner’s have noticed their beloved pet twitching and softly vocalizing in their sleep. Does this mean that dog’s dream? The answer is yes,  dogs do have dreams, sometimes, apparently, they have very active dreams. In order to understand dreaming, lets first develop a better understanding of sleep cycles in dogs.  Dogs experience two stages of sleep. One is...Read More

Veterinary Technicians: So Much More Than Nurses

Posted 10.15.15 by Emily Lindsey

Have you ever wondered,”What does it take to be a veterinary technician?” Have you ever thought it would be fun to play with puppies and kittens all day? Well, that’s what a lot of people think that we do in veterinary offices, but that is far from the truth. Yes, we do get to see puppies and kittens and trust us,...Read More

Rabies is still an issue today! – World Rabies Day

Posted 09.23.15 by Emily Lindsey

Almost everyone has heard of rabies or remembers the book/movie Old Yeller. Thankfully, this is a disease that has become much less frequent here in the United States, though in other countries it can still sadly be fairly common. Recently, a feral cat in Starkville, MS was confirmed to have rabies disease and has created a big scare in the...Read More

Houseplants and Your Pets – Memphis Area Pet Health

Posted 09.16.15 by Emily Lindsey

Houseplants are a great addition to any home. They are decorative, and improve air quality in your home by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, humidify the air, and help remove toxins from the air. However, there  are MANY that can be toxic to your pet!  Signs of plant poisonings  can range from mild GI upset to death. Therefore, it...Read More

Would it be wise to get pet insurance for a new puppy?

Posted 08.24.15 by Emily Lindsey

The doctors and staff are thrilled that you visited The Pet Hospitals for your new puppy’s first wellness checkup. Our goal is to partner with you to keep your puppy healthy and happy by preventing the preventable. This includes wellness examinations, nutrition and behavioral counseling, administering appropriate vaccines, and recommending preventative products against parasites that are common to our area....Read More

Preventative Wellness Care More Than Just “Shots”

Posted 08.12.15 by Emily Lindsey

By Drew McWatters, DVM Preventative wellness care, or routine “check-ups”, is an undervalued and misunderstood part of both human and animal health care. Even though everyone knows “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, we are reluctant to take ourselves or our pets to the doctor in the absence of an illness.  As a veterinarian, here are...Read More

FAQ #4: Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

Posted 07.29.15 by Emily Lindsey

Whiskers are specialized sensory hairs equipped with touch receptors. Compared to the hairs that make up the fur coat, whiskers are longer, thicker and more rigid. These specialized hairs are also embedded more deeply into the cat’s body than the hairs of the fur coat. The area around each whisker, called a follicle, has a generous supply of nerves and...Read More

Allergies and Apoquel- Memphis Area Pet Health

Posted 07.22.15 by Emily Lindsey

We have discussed seasonal/environmental allergies before, but it turns out pets can suffer from other allergy types, too. Allergies are one the most frustrating and challenging chronic medical conditions that pet owners deal with in their dogs. From the constant itching to the recurrent infections, it seems like the misery and the vet visits never end. Thankfully, with diligent care...Read More

Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot! – Pets and Summer Heat #memwx

Posted 07.17.15 by Emily Lindsey

As we are sure you have heard (or felt!)- this weekend is supposed to really heat up. Highs are almost at 100 degrees while the heat index is well over… reaching 109! As the national weather service puts out heat advisories, we often think about out elderly family members and those less fortunate that may not have access to air...Read More

Cat Behavior: Who are these crazy predators we call pets?

Posted 07.15.15 by Emily Lindsey

Cats are low maintenance right? Easy keepers? All you need to do is get a litter box, a food and water, and you’re all set! Your independent kitty will appear for petting and purring, maybe demonstrate some instagram-worthy hijinx, and then go entertain herself. While appealingly easy, this scenario is usually not the reality of owning a cat. There are many...Read More

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