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Tag: cat scratching

Cats and Fleas – Memphis Area Pet Health

Posted 09.22.15 by Emily Lindsey

Fleas are nasty little bugs that will try to cling closely to your animals and spread throughout your home if you let them. In fact, your cat’s fuzzy back is the ideal home for a village of fleas. You can easily choose to prevent your cat from attracting fleas- use flea prevention (available from your veterinarian) once a month. This is...Read More

Cat Behavior: Who are these crazy predators we call pets?

Posted 07.15.15 by Emily Lindsey

Cats are low maintenance right? Easy keepers? All you need to do is get a litter box, a food and water, and you’re all set! Your independent kitty will appear for petting and purring, maybe demonstrate some instagram-worthy hijinx, and then go entertain herself. While appealingly easy, this scenario is usually not the reality of owning a cat. There are many...Read More

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