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Tag: senior exam

Annual Exams vs. Semi-Annual Exams

Posted 10.25.17 by Raelyn Pirtle, DVM

Did you know that if your pet is over 7 years of age, they are considered a “senior citizen?” Since our pets age much faster than we do, it is important to perform twice a year exams once they reach this milestone. Clients often ask what the difference is between a traditional annual exam and a senior exam, also called...Read More

How Ginger’s Senior Exam Saved Her Life

Posted 08.31.17 by Drew McWatters, DVM

Ginger is a 9 year old spayed female German Short Haired Pointer who came to The Pet Hospitals- Germantown for a routine Senior Wellness Exam. Everything had been normal at her Annual Wellness Exam 6 months prior, but since she is older than 7 years old, her owners followed the recommended guidelines of biannual exams for dogs over 7. She...Read More

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