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Tag: heartworm test

Can You Remove Heartworms?

Posted 12.15.19 by Kassie Newton, DVM

A Case Study on Caval Syndrome This is Tobi. Look at this adorable face. I mean, how can you not love him immediately? From the outside Tobi looks so happy and healthy, but this is the story of how we almost lost Tobi due to heartworms.   Tobi had been adopted through a local shelter a few months ago by...Read More

Annual Exams vs. Semi-Annual Exams

Posted 10.25.17 by Raelyn Pirtle, DVM

Did you know that if your pet is over 7 years of age, they are considered a “senior citizen?” Since our pets age much faster than we do, it is important to perform twice a year exams once they reach this milestone. Clients often ask what the difference is between a traditional annual exam and a senior exam, also called...Read More

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