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Puppy Training: House Training

Posted 08.25.15 by Emily Lindsey

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Below you will find lots of useful information for puppy training. We want to help you and your new pup adjust to life in the same home together. First things first: become house trained!

  • Puppies on a regular feeding schedule are much more responsive to house training. Offer the food 2-3 times daily, for 20 minutes ONLY each time.
  • Take your puppy outside for eliminations after each meal, after a long period of sleep, after a long play period and whenever they are whining, sniffing, or circling.
  • Take the puppy to the same place each time. Always accompany puppy outside, praising every time he/she eliminates.
  • Paying close attention is a MUST until the puppy has not soiled in the house for 4 weeks. Whenever unobserved, keep the puppy in a small safe room or kennel.
  • If the puppy is seen spoiling in the house, scold him/her with a loud “NO,” clapping of the hands, or both. Physical punishment is rarely effective. NEVER scold if soiling has already occurred unnoticed.

dog training not to potty in house

  • Clean any soiled area using urine/feces odor eliminator so the puppy will not want to return to their scent. Always clean up the soiled areas WITHOUT the puppy watching.
  • Crate/Kennel training is a fast, effective method of house training. The puppy is restricted to a crate/kennel. Limit the space inside the crate/kennel to an area ONLY large enough for the puppy to lie down, stand up, and turn around.
  • Confinement to a crate/kennel should be used ANY and EVERY time the puppy is left unobserved. It is best to start with a shorter period of confinement first, such as 2-3 hours, and gradually increase the length of time. After 3-4 days, most puppies are ready for an extended period of confinement, such as 8-10 hours. Most puppies find it unnatural to soil where they lay and sleep; however, if the puppy should soil inside the crate/kennel, simply clean with an odor eliminator.
  • Be sure to walk the puppy outside after spending time in the kennel to allow the puppy to eliminate. After no house soiling for 4 weeks, crate/kennel training may be gradually discontinued.

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