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Heartworm Prevention Year Round

Posted 10.08.19 by Lee Ann Newman, DVM

Summer has gone and chilly fall mornings are upon us, so we should soon have a reprieve from the heat, humidity and insects that pester us during the warm months. However, this does not mean that they totally go away, or that we can stop treating our pets for heartworms and fleas.

Heartworms are spread through mosquito bites. Did you know that mosquitoes hatch and become active at temperatures as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit? We get days like that frequently during our Southern winters. There is a tradition at our house that we find a mosquito almost every Christmas Eve.

We call it the “Miracle of the Christmas Mosquito“!

Fleas need a little warmer weather to develop and become active, but as low as 65 degrees can get them moving. A warm day here and there in the winter means we can’t skip flea prevention in the winter either.

And if you have indoor-only pets (cats are the most common in this category) that are not on parasite prevention, they can keep the population of fleas thriving year-round. And we’ve all found mosquitoes inside our homes. Living inside doesn’t protect from parasites.

Scratching dogLuckily, there are several very effective, very safe options for parasite control for our pets. There are topicals, orals and an injectable. There are monthly, every 3 months and the 6 month injection. There’s always an option that is appropriate for each pet.

Check with one of our veterinarians about which parasite prevention would be appropriate for your type of pet and its lifestyle. We’re all happy to help you find the safest, most effective and most economical choice.

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