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Flea and Tick Prevention Explained

Posted 08.24.15 by Emily Lindsey

When it comes to our pets, most of us think of them as family members and want them in our homes, and maybe even in our beds with us. But what we definitely do not want in our homes are the parasites that dogs and cats can harbor on their skin.

Fleas and ticks are prevalent in our area, and are not only pesky, but they can also carry diseases. This is why prevention is the key to keeping these nasty insects off your pets and out of your homes.

When it comes to flea and tick medications, there are lots of good choices these days. Years ago, stinky soaps, dips and powders were the only treatments available. Not only were they unpleasant and difficult to use, they didn’t even work very well. Nowadays we have some really effective and safe options that are easy to use. There are oral tablets, topicals, and even a couple of collars that are useful.

Fighting a battle with fleas is a year-round effort. The flea life cycle can adjust according to environmental conditions, so continuous/year round treatment is needed to break the life cycle and keep them away.

fleas and ticks

Ticks have a more seasonal prevalence, with spring and summer being the times we see the most ticks on our pets.

Not only are fleas and ticks annoying and potentially carrying diseases, they also can cause skin irritation. Some of our pets have significant allergies to flea bites in particular, and can suffer from severe itching and bacterial skin infections as a result of just a few flea bites. This is a miserable condition, and completely preventable.

Picking the product that is right for your pet and your family is something your vet can help you with. Here at The Pet Hospitals, we keep Trifexis, Bravecto, and Advantage Multi among other in stock. No matter what you pick, the real key is using it regularly. Ask your vet to explain the options to help you keep your pet and your home free from fleas and ticks.

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