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Early Dental Care – Memphis Area Puppy Health

Posted 08.06.15 by Emily Lindsey

As humans, most people brush their teeth twice a day and floss a few times a week beginning at about 18 months of age- with help, of course! Good dental hygiene is imperative for keeping teeth healthy and avoiding bad breath, tooth decay, and other dental issues.

early tooth brushing

Early dental care is important for pets, too.

Just like humans, good tooth care habits should be established beginning at an early age- while they are still puppies. At The Pet Hospitals, we include a dental exam in your pet’s yearly visit for vaccinations. This is a way of staying in front of the problem on our end. However, you can, and should, focus on their teeth at home as well.

Regular teeth cleaning is recommended. Many diet and oral care brush puppy teethtechniques exist to help make this easier. You may choose to clean your puppy’s teeth with a toothbrush and meaty flavored toothpaste, CET chews that work to remove plaque, or an oral rinse additive in your pup’s bowl of water. These can all be found in house at any of our locations, at the local pet store, or online. Toys also exist, and are beneficial, for maintaining clean teeth.


The earlier you introduce teeth cleaning to your puppy, the easier it will be for them to become acclimated to the idea. Take precautions and develop good habits early in order to prevent the need for further dental treatment. Follow our suggestions, and your furry friend will be on their way to strong teeth and fresh breath!

puppy teeth care

Early dental care is essential for the health of the entire canine body. Don’t neglect those pearly whites.

Any questions? Give us a call! We are always happy to discuss what is best for your specific puppy.

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