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Cats and Fleas – Memphis Area Pet Health

Posted 09.22.15 by Emily Lindsey

itchy catFleas are nasty little bugs that will try to cling closely to your
animals and spread throughout your home if you let them. In fact, your cat’s fuzzy back is the ideal home for a village of fleas.

You can easily choose to prevent your cat from attracting fleas- use flea prevention (available from your veterinarian) once a month. This is a cost effective way of insuring fleas do not find you.

If you notice your cat scratching excessively, they may already have fleas on their fur and be receiving flea bites.

While petting your cat, keep an eye out for movement or little black specks. This is how you will know if your cat is being affected by fleas from the environment. You may even see those little guys jumping!

If this happens, you will need to treat your cat in order to get rid of them. However, best case scenario would be to have your cat taking flea prevention from a young age and on a monthly basis before you ever see a flea!

We recommend flea prevention all year round- whether your cat is indoor or outdoor.

Want to keep cats and fleas separate?

We specifically recommend Advantage Multi every 30 days in order to prevent fleas as it also protects against intestinal parasites and heart worms.  Although heart worms are more common in dogs than in cats, feline heart worm disease is a much more widespread problem than previously believed. Heart worms are contracted through mosquitoes and can lead to permanent heart and lung damage and sudden death.  Therefore, we recommend that all cats, including strictly indoor cats, receive Advantage Multi every month.

You can kill 2 birds with one stone this way!

Knock out both fleas and heart worm disease!

cat scratching

 We always say, “The best treatment is prevention!” Don’t give those nasty little pests a chance to come in your home and get comfortable on your cat, carpet, couch, and clothes.

Ask your veterinarian about flea prevention or give us a call- We will be glad to help you choose the best option for your feline friend!

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