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Summer Pet Safety Series | Part 2: Does My Pet Need a Summer Cut?

Posted 06.25.13 by Katie Wooden, DVM



It’s getting hot out there, and if you’re anywhere around us here in Memphis, you know just how hot it can really be.

So, in addition to being cautious about your pets over-heating, it is also important to know how to have them properly groomed for this weather. Proper summertime grooming is essential to helping keep your pet cool on even the hottest days.

So, we asked our groomers and came up with the most important summer grooming tips:

  • After a dip in the pool, pond, lake, ocean, or really any body of water, make sure you give your pet a rinse. The chlorine, salt water, etc is damaging to their coat and should be rinsed off with clean water.
  • Brush often. As the days get hotter, your pet (especially those with longer hair) will begin shedding their undercoat. Help them out a little by brushing it out really well and they’ll feel much cooler. You may be surprised at how much hair will come out, but your pet will be thankful and so will your vacuum. (Extra hint: Furminator‘s are a great help for this.)
  • Sunscreen isn’t just for people. Dogs can get sunburned, too. If you’re dog has short hair and/or light colored skin, be sure to keep them protected from harmful rays to avoid skin irritation and burning.
  • After a long walk or play date in the park, check your pup for ticks, burs, or any other critters that may have hitched a ride from the outdoors. Use a flea comb to get a good look for fleas. If you find anything that you can’t remove or are concerned about, please visit your veterinarian!
  • Lastly, make sure that shaving your dog is the right thing to do and check with you vet before completely shaving. Not all pets need a ‘Summer Cut’. Some breeds actually benefit from having their long coat in the summer because they use it too keep them cool. So, double check that your pup is getting proper grooming!


Any questions? CALL US! Each of our 4 Memphis area locations have professional pet groomers who would be glad to help get your pet looking and feeling their best for the summer.

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