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Category: Holidays

Sileo: Helping your dog calm down during fireworks and thunderstorms

Posted 06.30.16 by Alison Bradshaw, DVM

Something New For Canine Storm Anxiety? Does your dog fear fireworks? Pant up a storm when it’s thundering? Well, there’s a new option available to help with that. Sileo is the trade name of a drug long-used in the veterinary field. Dexdomitor (also called dexmeditomidine) has been available as an injectable medication for veterinary anesthesia for many years. Now it...Read More

What do I do if my pet is overweight?

Posted 02.05.16 by Emily Lindsey

  Your pet is overweight, now what? The holidays have passed and it’s the time of year for new resolutions and healthy habits. The gym is crowded and many people have begun new diets to achieve their goals. If your pet is overweight, now is a great time to help him/her lose the extra pounds. An estimated 52.7% of dogs and 57.9% of...Read More

Everyday Chemicals and Your Pet

Posted 12.16.15 by Karen Gant, DVM

  As more and more people strive for healthier lifestyles for themselves,  this is also spilling over into the lives of their pets!  From eating healthy, to exercise and environmental enrichment for pets, one very overlooked area are chemicals that your pets (and yourself!)  are exposed to in the home every day. A great study performed by the Environmental Working...Read More

Best Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Pets

Posted 12.09.15 by Emily Lindsey

We can’t let you forget the four legged family members when you are doing your Christmas list making and shopping! To make it a little easier, we have compiled our best holiday gift ideas for your pets! There is something for every breed and budget. If your pet could use a happy more often than once a year, BarkBox is...Read More

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