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Can My Pet Watch The Solar Eclipse Safely?

Posted 08.18.17 by Pamela Chandler, DVM

For a few minutes on August 21, 2017, darkness will descend across the United States as a historic total solar eclipse. It is already predicted that this eclipse will be the most witnessed sky-watching event in human history. According to some biologists, humans may not be the only ones reacting to this event in the sky. 

During an eclipse, the sky darkens and air temperatures drop. For centuries, people have claimed that some animals seem to change their behavior in response to this. Wildlife or other animals living exclusively outdoors, may react to an eclipse in response to their day becoming suddenly dark. Dogs and cats who live more indoors, are thought to be affected less by the event.  However, it’s important to be aware of how an eclipse could affect your pet, including safety measures owners should take.

Your dog or cat could become frightened by solar eclipse-inspired events that involve large crowds of people whether you take your pet with you or it’s near your home. Make sure your pet is either safe inside during the eclipse or on a leash under careful watch.

One thing that pets and humans do share during an eclipse is the chance of “eclipse blindness”. Directly looking at the eclipse without proper eye protection can result in a burning of the corneas in the eyes for people or their pets. While animals are not near as likely to stare directly at the sky as people do, there still may be some risk. Again, it is advised to keep pets indoor during an eclipse. Should a pet be allowed outside during the event, then approved eclipse protection eye wear is recommended.


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