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How To Avoid Pet Suffocation

Posted 04.27.17 by Doug Kenney, DVM

One potential danger to both dogs and cats that can be found in many homes is an open bag that contains food or used to contain food. It might be a potato chip bag, cereal liner bag, pet food or treat bag, bread bag, etc. When left within reach of your pet, it can be enticing to stick his or her head in the bag to get a snack. Unfortunately, these bags can get stuck over the head and in only 3 or 4 minutes the pet can suffocate.

Pets might find these bags in the trash can, on the floor, on a table or counter, under a bed, in the car, or even in the yard.

A survey found that 9 out of 10 pet owners who’ve lost a pet to suffocation were totally unaware that such a thing could happen. So, after becoming aware of this danger to pets, take steps to prevent it from happening to your pet and share this information with others.

A simple way to prevent pet suffocation is to cut the bottom and sides of a bag before disposing of it. Some recommend cutting all bags twice – once along the bottom and once along the side so that the bag lays flat – before throwing it out.

Also, check out this resource to learn how to perform CPR should you ever find your pet unconscious and not breathing.

Dr. William Kenney

The Pet Hospitals- Houston Levee

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