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My Dog Has Allergies and Itches Constantly!

Posted 04.20.16 by Emily Lindsey

  Whether for humans or pets, allergies are typically a frustrating diagnosis for all involved.   Dogs with severe allergies struggle to find relief for their itch as you have probably witnessed.  It can be frustrating for owners, due to the costs of necessary testing and the fact that there usually isn’t a quick fix or a magic pill for allergies.  It’s often...Read More

Are ‘Recheck’ Appointments Actually Needed?

Posted 03.31.16 by Emily Lindsey

Your dog’s ears are red and inflamed and he has been shaking his head and scratching at his ears. The doctor looks into the ears to find both ear canals are swollen with a dark wax inside. She gets a sample from the ear canals and performs cytology with a microscope diagnosing a mixed infection of bacteria and yeast. An ear...Read More

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