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Tag: purr

FAQ #7: Why do cats purr?

Posted 10.09.15 by Emily Lindsey

Purring is most often thought of as a soft vibration coming from a happy, content cat. Some cats have a very loud purr, and sometimes they have a quiet purr that is difficult to hear. You’ll most likely hear a cat purring when they’re sitting in their favorite person’s lap, getting their head scratched, or in the middle of playing...Read More

FAQ #2: Whats the deal with catnip? – Memphis Area Pet Health and Wellness

Posted 06.01.15 by Katie Wooden, DVM

Dr. Katie Wooden, who owns two cats of her own and cares for numerous at The Pet Hospitals – Collierville location, is here today to fill us in on why cats love catnip so much! Everyone knows that most cats love catnip, but have you ever wondered why? Catnip is a perennial herb from the mint family. Cats react specifically...Read More

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