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TPH Provides Pet Adoption Assistance

Posted 03.03.16 by Emily Lindsey

Thousands of pets end up in shelters across the US each month and sadly some of those never find a loving, forever home like they deserve.  Statistically, close to 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. We are grateful shelters are there to meet their needs, but it doesn’t completely solve the problem. In fact, many issues come up such as funding, overcrowding, and difficulty finding volunteer assistance.

In addition to shelters, there are thousands of rescue organizations who help the situation by fostering and caring for pets adoption petinorder to keep them out of shelters and off the streets.  This work is emotionally and physically difficult and does not receive the recognition it deserves.  Those doing the work are very selfless individuals devoted to pet welfare and The Pet Hospitals appreciates you! We care about the same things – helping dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens find loving homes they can be comfortable in for a lifetime.

Are you considering adoption of a cat or dog in the Memphis area?

We saw (and continue to see) a great need and knew we had to do something to help the situation. In 2008, we began a program to help families adopt dogs and cats from shelters and rescue organizations.  Our adoption assistance includes a free initial physical exam as well as all of the vaccinations the pet needs to be current. Nutritional counseling and behavioral support are provided post adoption, too. In the case of a puppy or kitten, we provide the entire series of vaccinations (including rabies) needed up to 6 months of age. Our hope is that this will help you step out and invite that pet into your warm, welcoming home. We guarantee it will benefit your life as much as it does theirs. Studies show oxytocin is often released in the human brain by sharing a special bond with animals.

adoptionSince 2008, at no cost to adoptive families, we have examined and vaccinated well over 1,000 pets from shelters and rescue organizations and we’ve had a number of families go back and adopt a second pet after learning about the program! This brings us great joy, to see pets welcomed into new families and to help make the transition happen smoothly with less financial burden on the family. It is our way of giving back and our way to continue to encourage adoption.


Without a doubt, there are a lot of ways you can give back and help others on this earth and in our community.  If you ask us, adopting a pet is a great place to start! Let us help you!

Visit one of our local shelters or humane society and give that pet that’s calling your name a new lease on life! We will help you with the adoption every step of the way.

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