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Why Your Dog Should Be Groomed By Professionals

Posted 02.27.18 by Katie Willis

Grooming, whether a hair cut and/or a bath, is essential for the health and comfort of your dog.

Hair and skin that is soiled can sometimes become itchy and cause your pet to scratch. Many dogs have skin allergies and regular bathing and grooming can aide in helping to control this.

One of our patients, Cozy, pre-groom and post-groom.

Long haired dogs have hair that often will mat. Hair mats can attach close to the skin and are difficult to remove. Often the hair has to be clipped off to remove the mats. In addition, mats can cause skin problems such as a hot spot (sore) which results in discomfort and requires medical treatment. Also, long hair in the summer can cause your pet to be uncomfortable. Keeping the hair shorter can help them to remain cooler.

Most dogs do spend some time outside and a lot of these guys enjoy “getting dirty” by rolling in unpleasant things. Regular bathing or hair cuts keep them cleaner which again can prevent skin problems. In addition, no one enjoys a stinky pet.

Professional veterinary staff and groomers not only bathe and/or cut hair, they also address other important issues such as trimming nails, expressing anal glands, and cleaning your pet’s ears. Nails can often become long, brittle or broken and routine trimming can prevent problems with the nails and feet. Some dogs can develop anal gland and ear infections and addressing this through preventative cleaning can deter infection.

Another thought: bathing at home is a HASSLE. Some dogs can be bathed at home, but it is often not an easy process and many owners are not able to trim nails or clean the ears properly. We always recommend dropping off at one of our hospitals for an easy “spa day” and having one of our professional staff pamper and spoil your pet.


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