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The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Competition

Posted 02.18.14 by Kim Swift

The Biggest Loser at The Pet Hospitals!

How many diets have you tried to get your pet to lose weight?

Is the “overweight management” just not managing anything?

Is the “weight loss” food not producing any results?


Hill’s and The Pet Hospitals have a new solution for you!


When surveyed, most owners report that they associate food and treats as the best way to show affection towards their pets. While food is a great way to show love, it can also lead to dangerous weight issues and complications including a higher risk of developing serious health conditions such as diabetes, knee injuries, heart disease, or arthritis. Recent studies have shown that moderate excess weight can decrease a pet’s life expectancy by 2 years!!

Weight will not only affect the life of your pet, but will forever change yours as well. That is why here at The Pet Hospitals we are encouraging weight loss in a fun and exciting way! Over a two month period, we are hosting The Biggest Loser for our pets! We are dedicated to teaming up with you to help your pets live longer, happier lives.


Introducing *NEW* Hill’s Metabolic Advanced Weight Loss Solution

Hill’s, the creator of Science Diet, has been working tirelessly to redefine the way weight loss is approached with our pets. Traditionally, weight loss has been approached by cutting the calories and encouraging exercise. However, some pets just don’t respond well to this approach while others are left feeling hungry between meals. That is why Hill’s has created a new diet called Metabolic Advanced Weight Loss Solution. This revolutionary diet changes the way your dog or cat’s body responds to the food, thereby increasing their metabolism and causing them to drop the pounds!


How does this new diet work? It works by altering gene expression within your pet to encourage the burning of fat while sparing lean muscle mass, ultimately causing their body to metabolize calories the way that a healthy lean pet would. It is a nutritionally complete diet meaning your dog or cat will receive everything they need to stay healthy while losing weight.

biggest loser for pets

“In real-world testing with pet owners and their pets at home, 88% of pets lost weight over two months, and 86% of dog owners would recommend Metabolic to their friends with overweight dogs” says Hill’s Science Diet experts. Wanting to provide all aspects for owners, Metabolic is available in dry food, canned food, and treats. Please come by today to ask us more!

The Biggest Loser Program 

To join, please come by any of our locations the week of March 3rd-7th to have your pet measured. This will allow us to create a feeding and weight loss program tailored specifically to your pet. We will get before pictures and answer any questions you have. To enroll in the program is FREE and the only cost to you is buying your very first bag of Metabolic. The program will continue until the last week of April when we will have final weigh-ins and after pictures to determine our winner!


Winner gets 3 FREE bags of Metabolic

Runner up gets 2 FREE bags

Third place gets 1 FREE bag


The cost to join the program: FREE

The cost to treat a diabetic pet: over $1500.00
Then cost to treat chronic arthritis in an over weight pet: $2000.00
The cost to have your pet happy, healthy and part of your family for an extended couple of years: PRICELESS!


Visit any of our locations for the best in veterinary care, provided by highly skilled professionals who love what we do!

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