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Whistle: One Of The Coolest New Accessories For Your Pet

Posted 10.19.16 by Katie Willis

We get it, sometimes a pet’s curiosity gets away from them and they can’t help but roam the streets. It is the scariest moment for any owner and we can’t help but empathize when we receive frantic calls asking if we knew where their pet could be. While microchipping your pet is the most effective way of ensuring they come home after an exploration out on their own, we’ve found a great new accessory that can actually track their every movement.


Chomper with his Whistle collar.

Whistle is a GPS pet tracker that attaches to their collar and enables you to see their location through an App based subscription service on your smart phone. You start by setting a safe zone around your property that they are allowed to stay inside of and if they leave that area, you will receive text and email alerts that accurately display your pet’s current location. MSRP is $99.95 for the device and the service plan is $9.95/month, but the peace of mind it gives you if your pet is what we like to call a “runner” is priceless. Even a few of our employees have utilized Whistle with their pets so do not feel embarrassed if they have a curious mind! We will always recommend microchipping your pet since collars can easily slip off, but this device was too cool not to share.

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