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Top Pet Poisons- Memphis Area Pet Health

Posted 03.08.13 by Katie Wooden, DVM

In honor of March 17-23 being National Poison Prevention Week, we thought a post about the most common pet poisons would be beneficial.  Unfortunately, we have seen several cases of these this week!

Top 10 toxins for 2012

  1. Human medications
  2. Insecticides
  3. Over-the-counter human products (ex. Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Aleve, Pseudoephedrine )
  4. Veterinary products
  5. Household products
  6. Food (ex. grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, bread dough)
  7. Chocolate
  8. Plants (ex. Lillies, Sago Palm, Mushrooms)
  9. Rodenticides (ex. D-con, Tomcat)
  10. Lawn & garden products (ex. Mole poison, Snail/Slug bait)


If your pet ingests any of these items, it is best to contact a veterinarian immediately. Many of these toxicities have a great prognosis if treated correctly and promptly.

The majority of pet poisonings we see are due to over-the-counter human medicines, such as Tylenol, Aleve, or Ibuprofen. Many pet owners do not realize that these medicines are extremely toxic to pets. Even one pill can cause kidney or liver failure in a medium sized dog. Ingestion of a large amount of these meds or even veterinary-approved anti-inflammatories can be fatal if not aggresively treated.

With Easter approaching, we also wanted to remind everyone that lillies are extremely toxic to cats. Easter lillies, Tiger lillies, Day lillies, and Stargazer lillies are so toxic to cats that even drinking water from the vase of the plant can lead to kidney failure. If your cat ingests any part of these plants, please contact your veterinarian immediately.


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