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The Puppy Up Foundation

Posted 11.01.17 by Katie Willis

The Puppy Up Foundation was launched to bring awareness to the link between cancer in humans and companion animals. The foundation and it’s efforts focus on education to the public and support for comparative oncology. Through PuppyUp walks and other educational campaigns, PuppyUp is building one of the largest pet and people communities in the world. Like people, companion animals can develop cancer; brain, breast, bone and lung cancer. Lymphoma and Melanoma are also common diagnosis’s in both humans and animals. Veterinary oncologist believe that there are between four to eight million new cases of cancer in companion animals every year.

 The Pet Hospitals is proud to have The PuppyUp Foundation as the November recipient in our Speak Up for Pets program. Ginger Morgan (Executive Director) of PuppyUp recently said,”Comparative oncology has tremendous potential to give us key insights to what’s causing cancer across species. These efforts are a step towards a world in which cancer is no longer one of the top killers of our children, our parents and our pets.”

 To learn more about The PuppyUp Foundation and events near you, please visit their website.


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