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Six Subscription Services Your Pet Needs

Posted 12.01.16 by Victoria Clapp, DVM

Movies and TV, makeup, books, groceries… These days it seems like there is a subscription service out there for anything you could imagine. The subscription service industry is booming and rightfully so! There is no better joy than coming home to a package waiting on your doorstep for you to open and enjoy. But what if we told you that you could share this same delight with Fluffy and Fido? There are TONS of subscription boxes out there that deliver right to your home with the most perfect accessories tailored just for your furry ones. We’re rounding up the best ones we’ve found for dogs and cats!



One of the things we love the most about BarkBox is their promise to give 10% of their proceeds back to rescue organizations. Beyond that, they allow you to choose the size of the pet that will be receiving the box which gives them the ability to select toys and treats that are appropriate for their playtime. The owner can choose between a one time gift box, 6-month subscription, or 12-month subscription with automatic billing.


Emphasizing on all-natural products and supporting small businesses, PawPack is great for any pet owner who focuses on being eco-friendly and wants their pet to do the same! All products are hand selected, all natural, and guaranteed to be loved by your pet. If not, they’ll replace the item with something they will love.

3) Pupjoy

If custom-ability is what you’re striving for then Pupjoy is what you need. You can choose between single or multi dog households, treats only, toys only, or treats and toys, even which preference your dog(s) have towards their treats and toys.  Pupjoy carries the most “premium” selection of boxes, but with an option for a single box, this could be a great gift idea.


1) Meowbox

Promising to supply your kitty with only products they would give their own, Meowbox will surely impress your favorite feline. You can subscribe monthly or every other month and each box contains 4-6 items perfect for single or multi-cat homes.

2) KitNipBox

If your kitty has a sensitive tummy or other food allergies then the KitNipBox is the one for them. They do offer a box containing treats, but you could opt out of those and they will replace them with toys! Every toy selected is designed to encourage activity.

3) CatLadyBox

Not only does your kitty get to enjoy a surprise monthly with CatLadyBox, but you do as well! Every box contains two goodies for the cat and two cat-themed goodies for you. Items such as shirts, jewelry, accessories, and home decor with a feline touch fill the box.

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