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We Love Our Veterinary Technicians

Posted 10.19.17 by Alison Bradshaw, DVM

October 15-21 is our week to recognize our veterinary technicians. They are critical to our career, and veterinarians would be lost without them. Veterinary technicians are the equivalent to nurses in the human medical field, but in additional to the technical skill and knowledge; the job also requires puppy and kitten kisses, wrestling big dogs, and soothing the irritable feline. They are superstars, and it’s important to acknowledge all the hard work that our technicians do on a daily basis.

There are many veterinary technician and assistant programs out there. Some are four year programs to get a bachelor’s degree, some two year programs for an associate’s degree, and also some online programs that require additional clinic hours. Some wonderful technicians do not have a degree, but extensive on the job training from trusted employees. These are some of the ways that our lovely technicians help us do our job.

  1. Technical skills- Experienced technicians are the best at drawing blood, placing IV catheters, setting up surgery equipment and instruments, running lab work, and performing urinalysis.
  2. Client compassion- Our clients love our technicians as much as we do! We get so much positive feedback about our technicians because our clients and patients get to know our techs as much as the veterinarians.
  3. Cleaning duty- In this profession, cleaning is a constant demand. It isn’t always pretty and doesn’t always smell like roses, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.
  4. Patient care- Our techs get to work before the vets and have all the critical patients cared for, medicated, and fed before the doctors even get here. They also love on our patients as they are coming out of anesthesia, and you’ll routinely see a tech toting around a cute little animal just because they love them.
  5. Supporting the veterinarians- It’s always so reassuring to know that a great technician has my back when we have stressful situations arise. This job can be dangerous at times, and people do get bitten and scratched. Luckily experienced know how to handle this and act quickly and efficiently to minimize injury. They also can handle emergency situations like no other.

As a veterinarian, I would just like to give a big, “Thank You,” to all the veterinary technicians and assistants out there. We couldn’t do the greatest profession in the world without you, and you are so appreciated even if we don’t say it enough.


Alison Bradshaw

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