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What should I feed a new kitten?

Posted 08.14.15 by Emily Lindsey

healthy advantage to feed a new kittenMany of our clients come in after adopting a new addition to the family and ask, “What should I feed a new kitten?”

Many factors contribute to the normal development and growth of kittens including genetics, environmental factors, and nutrition.

Just like in a new baby, nutrition during the first year of life can greatly influence the health and longevity of your new kitten so it is very important to feed him/her a well-balanced diet.

A dry or canned diet that is specially formulated for kittens should be fed until they reach maturity … around one year of age.

High quality commercial kitten foods are nutritionally balanced to meet your growing pet’s needs. Homemade diets are generally incomplete or unbalanced and therefore not recommended.

Here at The Pet Hospitals, we keep Healthy Advantage Kitty in stock as a good option to start with.

feed a new kitten healthy advantage
Because kittens are growing so rapidly, they also require much more energy intake than adult cats. Allowing them to eat free choice (leaving food out all day) or feeding them three to four times a day until they are about 6 months old will help ensure they receive the proper energy requirements.

Feedings can then be reduced to twice daily after they are 6 months of age.

Nutrition is an important factor in your new kitten’s life so feed them an appropriate diet so they can grow to be a happy, healthy cat.   Please ask your doctor about diet recommendations that fit the specific needs of your new kitten.

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