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FAQ #1: Why do cats like boxes? – Memphis Area Pet Health and Wellness

Posted 05.18.15 by Karen Gant, DVM


We have Dr. Karen Gant here today answering a question we are asked frequently at The Pet Hospitals: Why do cats like boxes so much?

I have yet to meet a cat that could resist a box!  

Whether in a shelter situation where they use them to feel  safe,  secure and to hide in, to the home environment where they  explore , play and hide in them, it seems all cats love boxes, even ‘big cats’! (As you will seein the YouTube videos below)

Cats are highly intelligent and very curious.

His home is HIS (or her!) territory and they must investigate anything new or that has been moved.  They also need to mark it as their own by rubbing their chins, pawing at it, and rolling around leaving their scent.  

Hiding and spying to a cat is fun!

What cat can resist being a spy in their own home- a box is a great way to be perfectly hidden.  Pouncing on an unsuspecting house mate is just icing on the cake!

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Cardboard makes a great scratching post, and is warm when snuggled into as well.

A recent study in a Dutch animal shelter found significant differences in stress levels  in the cats given a box to those without boxes, suggesting it truly helps their sense of well-being and ability to adapt to new situations.


Check these videos out to see cats at work (or play rather!)

Big cats love boxes, too!

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