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Dental Care for Cats

Posted 09.22.15 by Emily Lindsey

It may seem kind of far fetched, but cats need dental care just like humans do. You have probably noticed that their mouth starts to smell when they go without.

Bad oral health can lead to many medical issues. Luckily, those issues can be prevented with regular dental care and veterinary check ups.

Go ahead & take a look yourself if your kitty will let you! 

dental care for cats

A healthy mouth includes:

  • firm, pink gums
  • no brown plaque or tartar
  • no loose, cracked, or chipped teeth

But don’t worry… if your cats mouth does not currently look 100% healthy, health can be regained!

Home care is a good place to start when discussing dental care for cats:

cat toothbrush

-You can brush your cat’s teeth at home with a small toothbrush and paste designed specifically for them. Do NOT use human grade toothpaste. This can remove plaque without much work.

-Chew toys can also help strengthen and clean the teeth while massaging their gums.

-Your veterinarian may even opt to prescribe a dental specific food that will keep your cat’s teeth healthy with the kibble design.

As you can imagine, your cat may be reluctant to allow teeth brushing, etc. Go slow, be patient, and make it a fun game!

Caring for your cat’s teeth at home can help prevent or control periodontal disease and excessive costs incurred when cat teeth are allowed to go downhill.


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