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Bart E. Madison, DVM

Dr. Bart Madison decided to become a vet when he was a teenager. “My family had pets and I was the one who took care of them. I decided all pets deserved the best possible care.”

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Dr. Madison has a Beagle named Averey; a German Shorthaired Pointer, Sea Bass; a Walker Hound mix called Hattie Mae; and a cat ironically named Kitty. 


Marion, AR

Why did you become a vet?

Because I grew up in an area where people didn’t take good care of their pets and it made me sad.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

Helping older dogs be comfortable and live longer.


Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine
University of Arkansas-Monticello – Bachelors of Animal Science

What do you love most about living in Memphis?

I live in Olive Branch, but I love coming to Memphis and eating the city’s great food.

What secret talent do you wish that you had?

To be a great golfer.

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