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Glen Ridge, NJ

Why did you become a vet?

I’ve always had a passion for animals since I was little. Once I was old enough to consider a career, I realized anything other than being a vet would have just been punching a time card. I take great pride in being an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I love getting to meet new people and be a small part of their relationships with their pets. Snuggling puppies and kittens isn’t so bad either.


Bachelors of Science Psychology from Saint Joseph’s University, 2014

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, 2019

What do you love most about living in Memphis?

I really enjoy the character and soul of Memphis! All the local food, breweries, and live music make it such a vibrant place to live.

What secret talent do you wish that you had?

I really wish I could play the piano. If we’re talking magical talents though, I wish I could talk to animals.

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