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Doug Kenney, DVM

Recently Retired

Dr. Kenney has published two books to help pet owners, “The Wise Pet Owner” and “Your Guide to Understanding Pet Insurance” to help pet owners select the best pet health insurance company and policy for their pet.

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Tupelo, MS

Why did you become a vet?

I grew up on a farm and was always around animals – large and small. I decided one day I wanted to be a vet and worked for veterinarians in high school and college, enjoyed it and applied to vet school.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

Building relationships with pets and their owners, and seeing them happy together.


DVM, Auburn 1977; practiced in Montana, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and last 35 years in Memphis

What do you love most about living in Memphis?

My church and grandkids live here!

What secret talent do you wish that you had?

I wish I were a scratch golfer.

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