Six Subscription Services Your Pet Needs

December 1st, 2016 by Audrey Parker

Movies and TV, makeup, books, groceries… These days it seems like there is a subscription service out there for anything you could imagine. The subscription service industry is booming and rightfully so! There is no better joy than coming home to a package waiting on your doorstep for you to open and enjoy. But what if we told you that you could share this same delight with Fluffy and Fido? There are TONS of subscription boxes out there that deliver right to your home with the most perfect accessories tailored just for your furry ones. We’re rounding up the best ones we’ve found for dogs and cats!



One of the things we love the most about BarkBox is their promise to give 10% of their proceeds back to rescue organizations. Beyond that, they allow you to choose the size of the pet that will be receiving the box which gives them the ability to select toys and treats that are appropriate for their playtime. The owner can choose between a one time gift box, 6-month subscription, or 12-month subscription with automatic billing.


Emphasizing on all-natural products and supporting small businesses, PawPack is great for any pet owner who focuses on being eco-friendly and wants their pet to do the same! All products are hand selected, all natural, and guaranteed to be loved by your pet. If not, they’ll replace the item with something they will love.

3) Pupjoy

If custom-ability is what you’re striving for then Pupjoy is what you need. You can choose between single or multi dog households, treats only, toys only, or treats and toys, even which preference your dog(s) have towards their treats and toys.  Pupjoy carries the most “premium” selection of boxes, but with an option for a single box, this could be a great gift idea.



1) Meowbox

Promising to supply your kitty with only products they would give their own, Meowbox will surely impress your favorite feline. You can subscribe monthly or every other month and each box contains 4-6 items perfect for single or multi-cat homes.

2) KitNipBox

If your kitty has a sensitive tummy or other food allergies then the KitNipBox is the one for them. They do offer a box containing treats, but you could opt out of those and they will replace them with toys! Every toy selected is designed to encourage activity.

3) CatLadyBox

Not only does your kitty get to enjoy a surprise monthly with CatLadyBox, but you do as well! Every box contains two goodies for the cat and two cat-themed goodies for you. Items such as shirts, jewelry, accessories, and home decor with a feline touch fill the box.


Audrey Parker

The Pet Hospitals



Golden-Doodle Mania

November 8th, 2016 by Audrey Parker


Nearly 10 years ago, I met my first Golden-doodle patient and, having never seen one before, I can remember thinking to myself, “This Golden retriever is having a very interesting hair day!”

Fast forward to the present and I typically see a “doodle” patient multiple times a day. Furthermore, my personal family has grown as well to include 3 Golden-doodles of our own. If you have ever met one of these amazing creatures, you would probably define them as the perfect blend of two wonderful breeds of dog- that being the Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle. The positive qualities of this blend of breeds are numerous!murphy-dogs

First of all, just by simply being a mixed breed dog they possess “hybrid vigor.” In short, this means that by combining genetics, there is less chance that a mixed breed animal will inherit breed-specific negative predispositions such as allergies, hip dysplasia and cancer. Secondly, almost all doodles tend to possess the positive traits that both of their parents are well known for- such as gentleness, intelligence and beauty. Third, most doodles tend to have “low shed” or “no shed” hair coats that make them less reactive to people with allergies.

These days, there are also many varieties of Golden-doodles and things to consider when looking for one. In terms of size, there are generally three “models”- small, medium and large. The smaller dogs are a result of one of the parents being a smaller poodle. When considering the small ones, it’s important to note that they tend to be a little more energetic than their larger counterparts. In terms of genetic combinations, we refer to them as F1, F1b and F2. The former is the most popular and is a combination of a pure Golden Retriever and a pure Poodle. F1b is a combination of either a pure Golden or Poodle mixed with a Golden doodle. Finally, the F2 is created by breeding two Golden-doodles. The third important characteristic to consider is type of hair coat. These can generally be divided into several categories: rough, curly-smooth and straight-smooth. Each of these coats will continue to grow throughout the pet’s life. Most breeders can typically predict coat type from their previous experience with breeding pairs.

This last point brings up one important requirement of a doodle owner- the need to schedule regular GROOMING. Most owners prefer that their doodles maintain long coats. However, it is very important to note that regardless of hair type, all doodles have a uniquely thin thread of hair that tends to mat very quickly (and permanently) without regular bathing, brushing and trimming by a professional groomer.  Also, because their hair coat grows continuously, all doodles will need this treatment every 3-6 weeks! In general, the softer the coat, the closer to that 3-week mark they will need to be groomed. Once a doodle goes beyond the recommended grooming time frame, it can be IMPOSSIBLE to brush or trim the mats out (particularly those woven to the skin) and a groomer will be forced to shave the coat and essentially “start over.” Nevertheless, this one maintenance requirement is a very small burden compared to the tremendous amount of joy that they bring to the lives of their owners.

If you already live with a doodle or if you are considering becoming a proud parent to one ( or two, or three ), please don’t hesitate to call any of our doctors or professional pet groomers with questions.

All of our offices have 1-4 professional groomers who are very accustomed to grooming doodles and will be happy to meet your loved one and offer free advice.


Dr. Jimmy Murphy

The Pet Hospitals

Whistle: One Of The Coolest New Accessories For Your Pet

October 19th, 2016 by Audrey Parker

We get it, sometimes a pet’s curiosity gets away from them and they can’t help but roam the streets. It is the scariest moment for any owner and we can’t help but empathize when we receive frantic calls asking if we knew where their pet could be. While microchipping your pet is the most effective way of ensuring they come home after an exploration out on their own, we’ve found a great new accessory that can actually track their every movement.


Chomper with his Whistle collar.

Whistle is a GPS pet tracker that attaches to their collar and enables you to see their location through an App based subscription service on your smart phone. You start by setting a safe zone around your property that they are allowed to stay inside of and if they leave that area, you will receive text and email alerts that accurately display your pet’s current location. MSRP is $99.95 for the device and the service plan is $9.95/month, but the peace of mind it gives you if your pet is what we like to call a “runner” is priceless. Even a few of our employees have utilized Whistle with their pets so do not feel embarrassed if they have a curious mind! We will always recommend microchipping your pet since collars can easily slip off, but this device was too cool not to share.

5 Great Parks To Visit With Your Pet

October 12th, 2016 by Audrey Parker

Memphis weather is finally cooling down and we know you and your furry friend are enjoying these cool Fall breezes as much as we are. What better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than going on a  nice long excursion with them?! We’re listing out the best parks in our city to take Fido and Fluffy so they don’t have to miss out on any of the action.

W.C. Johnson Park

Located in Collierville,  this 272 acre park has plenty of room for you and your pup. W.C. Johnson park not only has three lakes, but it also has an extensive 3 mile trail connected to the Collierville Greenbelt System.


Shelby Farms

Shelby Farms Park

Shelby Farms is a Mecca of good times for you and your dog and recent enhancements have brought a ton of attention to this great park. The Outback, Shelby Farm’s off-leash dog park, has over 100 acres of trails and lakes for your pet to explore and that’s just in the dog park alone.  If an off-leash dog park isn’t up your alley, there is still plenty to do here. Shelby Farms has an impressive 4,500 acres right in the middle of our city!

Audubon Park

This park is located just east of the University of Memphis making it a great option for students and pups who need to stretch their legs in between classes. There’s 373 acres to roam and it has even been a finalist in the Commercial Appeal’s “Memphis Most Awards” for “Most Perfect Park for Pets”.


Overton Bark

Overton Park

Midtown also has a great option for an off-leash doggy area. Overton Bark is located in Overton Park! Enjoy socialization and play time with other dogs in an off-leash environment all without leaving the heart of Midtown.

Tom Lee Park

Tom Lee Park has a one-mile stretch of the Mississippi River that Fido is sure to love. Next time you head downtown, bring your pet along so they can experience the views that the Mighty Mississippi has to offer as well!

Memphis has some great parks that offer our pets new areas to see and explore. As a reminder it is best to have your pet fully vaccinated before bringing them into an environment that other dogs are in. Also, be aware of your dog’s comfort level around other dogs; just like humans, dogs can be shy too.

Patio Season

October 5th, 2016 by Audrey Parker

Ah, fall time is officially hitting the Mid-South. You know what that means… It’s finally Patio Season and the days of cool breezes and college football are upon us. But why shouldn’t your dog  be allowed to experience this along with you?! Actually there are plenty of restaurants in Memphis that allow you to bring your pet along so they don’t miss out on any of the fun! We’ve compiled a list of some great spots so you don’t have to.

Mellow Mushroom (Germantown and East Memphis)

Brookhaven Pub and Grill (East Memphis)

Cheffies Cafe (East Memphis)

Slider Inn (Cooper Young)

Celtic Crossing (Cooper Young)

Strano! (Cooper Young)

Felicia Suzanne’s (Downtown)

Movie & Pizza Co. (Mud Island)

Tart (Overton Square)

Side Street Grill (Overton Square)



Slider Inn


Celtic Crossing


At The Pet Hospitals we celebrate animals and think you should too! So be sure to leash up Fluffy and Fido and bring them along to your next brunch or dinner!


Audrey Parker

The Pet Hospital